Are These Your Problems?


  • √ Are you frustrated with the current way of tracking orders, services, and items in your supply chain?


  • √ Are you  running around just trying to find out "What is going on?" with your customers' orders, services, and items?


  • √ Are you losing money, losing time, and/or losing customers due to organizational errors?

 Solves Your Problems By:


      •   Tracking:
          • √ Sales Orders
          • √ Purchase Orders
          • √ Work Orders
          • √ Production Orders


      • Managing:
          • √ Business Processes
          • √ Complex Supply Chains
          • √ Manufacturing Workflows
          • √ Delivery of Multiple Services

What is ?


√  is a QuickBooks Add-on that increases the efficiency and visibility of complex processes, reducing errors, and increasing the quality of the operations with QuickBooks data.


√  is an “Self Mapping” business workflow management software that mimics and adapts to your business model. 


   is a simple-to-use cloud based software that tracks information and items through complex chains of supply or manufacture.


Operate Faster. Smarter. Better... With 


Take your operations to the next level by:


  •  √ Controlling of Your Supply Chain & Order Backlog


  • √ Quickly Pinpoint Bottlenecks and Problems


  • √ Directing Your Operations with a Click of a Button



Who is  for?


  •   Small Business that:
    •  Currently use or plan to use QuickBooks
    • √ Work in sales, distribution, or manufacturing


  • Experience the following problems:
    • √ Complex Supply Chains and Workflows
    • √ Visibility and Tracking Issues


  • And wish to:
    • √ Reduce cycle times and errors/rework (time is money)
    • √ Reduce time spent on tracking and customer inquirie
SPOTS in Action

 bridges 2 gaps in QuickBooks: 


  • √ The gap between sales orders & invoicing
  • √ The gap between POs & inventory



  • √ Following & using your business model
  • √ Tracking Items Independently from Orders
  • √ Re-engineering & transforming your business





Business Model
In Action

  • Mimic Your Business
  • Improve Your Business
  • Transform Your Business

  • Control at a "Click" of Button
  • Take Action at Any Time
  • Empower Subordinates
Social Media Style

  • Record Comments
  • Audit Trail
  • Flag Issues

SPOTS News Corner

Welcome to SPOTS Tracking Systems

We invite you to view our website and talk to us. Here at SPOTS Tracking Systems, we are very passionate about operations. We understand that lack of coordination plus organizational disorder can paralyzes businesses and anger clients. For that reason, we created SPOTS. So now, we are here to help you.

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